We are happy to offer our clients Skype counseling for your convenience. Receive help right where you are with a licensed and professional counselor. We are professionally trained, hold degrees, and are licensed to help you. Sometimes, it is not always practical or possible to meet a therapist in person for face-to-face counseling. We are able to meet your need for remote assistance using phone, FaceTime or Skype. E-counselors are just as committed to you and working with you as they would be if you saw them in person.


Many find that it’s more convenient (you can do it from your home, office, or anywhere you have a Web connection), faster (it eliminates time spent commuting or sitting in a waiting room), and more affordable (therapists typically charge about 10% less per session).

Research has found that Web therapy can be equally as effective as the face-to-face kind. Patients feel satisfied and have reduced symptoms after video treatment, according to a 2011 study,

Skype counseling is a great alternative to face-to-face counseling when:

  • You are unable or unwilling to travel to a counseling office.
  • You live in a remote place where counseling services are inaccessible.
  • You travel for work a lot and do not want to miss any sessions while out of town.
  • You do not feel comfortable about visiting a counselor’s office or you do not want others to know that you go see a counselor.
  • You would like to work on yourself in a place where you feel comfortable.
  • You are very busy and do not have time to travel to counseling services.
  • You would like to try out counseling before committing to more long-term therapy.


Important: Telephone and Skype counseling is not appropriate for people who are suicidal, self-injuring, homicidal, or who have mental health issues that require more intense care than one session per week.

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