My approach is very different. I use a lot of hypnotic techniques designed specifically to access subconscious material that is typically harder to obtain because it is not in our immediate purview. The tools I provide are designed for more rapid breakthroughs with clients who have previously not responded favorably to cognitive based talk therapy. While Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is widely known and can be one of the most effective treatments available, some people do not fully emerge their emotions in this type of modality. Emotive therapy and hypnotic treatments focus more on engaging and shifting long standing and deep rooted emotions that we often withhold from addressing because they are either too painful, or entrenched. The mind serves as a barrier by protecting ourselves from these emotions by blocking memories, images and details out. This is a process known as deletion. Deletion distorts our ability to fully recover.

My Background
I graduated from Florida State University with a BS in Psychology and a BA in English literature. I proceeded to graduate from Florida International University with a Masters in psychology, in mental health counseling. I obtained my license accordingly. I have been working with addictions, personality and mood disorders for over eleven years now. I specialize in addictive disorders (substance abuse),sex addiction, and other process disorders such as co-dependency, narcissim and shoplifting. These issues often surround trauma and cannot be separated. I consider this my area of expertise. With time, I have recognized that this population often needs alternative methods to treat various components because of the chronic and progressive nature of these behaviors. I strongly believe that knowledge, while helpful, is not enough to make the internal shifts and transformations needed to abate behaviors. I strive to provide clients with new and innovative ways to address their strengths and guide their healing process.

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