Nazanin Delshad, MHC-I

Nazanin Delshad, MHC-I is also skilled in applying the Gottman Method (interventions used worldwide that help couples break through barriers to achieve greater understanding, connection and intimacy) in her work with couples and families.

Nazanin has seen the life changing effects that a positive therapeutic experience can have in an individual’s life. She provides a safe and supportive space for her clients to identify their presenting concerns as well as the goals they may have for therapy. Nazanin customizes her techniques to meet the needs and goals of each individual client and collaborates with them to provide strategies that can be used daily to maintain the progress made during the therapeutic sessions.

Nazanin’s goal is to equip herself with as many resources as possible to ensure that her clients have the therapeutic experience that makes positive changes in their lives. “I believe anyone who is committed to achieving their goals through therapy will be successful and hope to have the privilege of accompanying my clients on this collaborative journey.”

therapeutic counselor Nazanin-Delshad lmhc-i

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