Melinda Clark, MHC-I

“Therapy is a safe space where one can explore and begin to live the life you choose.”  My passion is to foster self-empowerment and growth through individual therapy.  Often times, we may be unaware of how our unconscious affects our thoughts, behaviors and emotions.  By bringing the unconscious into awareness, or understanding our thoughts, we are able to identify our everyday challenges, change maladaptive behaviors and emotions to quickly see positive results in our lives.  We will use each session to focus on gaining an understanding of you.  Together we can seek the long lasting changes you want.    

Through my clinical training, I have had the opportunity to work with adolescents, adults, and couples experiencing depression, anxiety, substance abuse, eating disorders, trauma, interpersonal conflict, and crisis.  Depending on your goals and preferences, I am able to work in short term and long term ways.  It is important for you to feel comfortable and safe in order to fully explore yourself.  The first session is used for me to get to know you and for you to identify your comfort with me.  

I received my Master’s in Mental Health and Counseling from the University of Miami.  In efforts to broaden my work, I am enrolled in the post graduate Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Program at the Florida Psychoanalytic Institute.   

“I believe everyone can benefit from self exploration, at any point in their life, and I hope to have the opportunity by joining you along your journey.” 


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