Dr. Pedja Stevanovic, PhD

Pedja Stevanovic, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in adult psychotherapy and psychological assessments. He graduated with honors from Loyola University Chicago where he received multiple clinical, research, and teaching fellowships during the eight years of his specialized training. In addition, he obtained clinical experience in a range of settings, including private practice,   outpatient/inpatient hospital, consultation, and community mental health centers. Currently, he maintains his volunteer faculty position at the University of Miami, and he is a staff psychologist at the Miami VA where he continues provision of clinical services and involvement in training of young clinicians.

His comprehensive professional experience has provided expertise in a range of therapies and assessment strategies. He will work collaboratively to help you attain understanding and change that will lead to greater wellbeing and achievements. His rich assortment of skills allows him to adjust the treatment based on your preferences and the most recent scientific evidence. As a licensed psychologist, he specializes in insightoriented and problem-focused therapies for emotional disorders, relationship issues, addiction, and adjustment to unexpected life events and medical conditions such as ADHD, traumatic brain injury (TBI), diabetes, and/or neurological disorders. In addition, his scientific research in positive psychology prevails in his clinical work and will help you create an encouraging atmosphere that facilitates progress.

Finally, Dr. Stevanovic has a rich cultural background from years of living in Spain, Germany, Greece, and the former Yugoslavia. Adapting to different cultures has expanded his awareness of multicultural issues in patient-care and fine-tuned his therapeutic skills for work with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds.


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